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Shun equals unsurpassed quality to millions of professional chefs and avid home cooks throughout the world.

For more than 111 years, inspired by the traditions of ancient Japan, highly skilled Shun artisans require at least 100 individual steps to handcraft each knife.

You will find both Shun Knife Block Sets, and individual Shun knives for sale at Shepherd Hills Factory Outlets. Our knowledgeable staff welcomes your questions, if we can be of assistance.

And just for fun….
The “Shun” brand name comes from the Japanese culinary tradition of “shun.”

Shun is a time—the exact moment when a fruit is perfectly ripe, a vegetable is at its best, or meat is at its most flavorful.

Home cooks and professional chefs alike celebrate shun in their kitchens, awaiting each season’s bounty and serving every ingredient in its proper time.

The Shun name honors this tradition of seasonal, mindful eating and is a mark of our dedication to making kitchen cutlery that is always at the peak of its perfection, too.